Our Story

Connie and Carolyn are the duo behind Niquelle Collection.

Connie and Carolyn are the duo behind Niquelle Collection.

Niquelle Collection is the collaboration of identical twin sisters, Connie Bossen and Carolyn Warren. As a long-time volunteer with the Duke Cancer Patient Support Program in Durham, North Carolina, Connie saw a need for headwear that was both fashionable and comfortable for women experiencing hair loss. In 2012, she teamed up with Carolyn, who has a degree in clothing and textiles, to design and create headwear that offers easy care, comfort, and beauty.

When Connie retired from her interior design career she needed an outlet for her creative energy. Before an island vacation she was encouraged to make a necklace for the trip. Little did she know this would propel her on a path of jewelry creation that would become a passion. The jewelry collection is a creative mix of pearls, antique trade beads, ethnic beads and pendants, and semi-precious stones. Connie's designs are inspired by her travels and created for men, women and children.

Fun fact: in case you were wondering, the name Niquelle Collection is a play on Carolyn and Connie’s maiden name, Nickell. One translation of Niquelle is “perfect”. They like to think their headwear and jewelry make people feel perfectly special and confident!


The Idea

Niquelle Collection wants every woman to feel her best self. The headwear collection aims to instill confidence and comfort in those women experiencing hair loss, while the jewelry collection aims to make the wearer feel special and beautiful. Diffuser necklaces and bracelets are offered which can provide comfort when used with an essential oil of choice.

Style & Quality

Carolyn and Connie draw from their years of experience in design and garment construction in the creation of their headwear and jewelry collections. Meticulous attention to detail goes into every piece.

100% Handmade

All items of the Niquelle Collection are made by hand with love by Carolyn and Connie. Carolyn expertly creates each headwear piece and Connie designs and fabricates each piece of jewelry. The headwear as well as the diffuser bracelets are available at the Duke Cancer Center boutique locations in Durham and in Raleigh, North Carolina. Please contact Connie and Carolyn with any interest in pieces pictured in the featured lookbooks.